Viewing a list of scheduled patients for today using power reports




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    GW - Technical Writer

    You can view a list of scheduled patient reports using power reports. Start with the Interactive Schedule Report builder


    If you have more than one location, add a filter for your location. To restrict the date range, enter on or after the date range when you want to begin and on or before the day after you want to end. For example, for today's appointments you would enter on or after today and on or before tomorrow.


    In the groups put  patient and Appt date.

    Add the following columns to the report: Appt status, Reason, Prov, Op , Proc Code.



    The report should look like this with separate sections for each patient and appointment.



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    Mohamed Imran

    I am unable to view the screen shots.


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    Matthew Deem (Edited )

    If you are unable to view the images in the article listed above, please update your Google Chrome browser.  If this still does not work, please call into Ascend support at 855-232-9493 #2. We are available Monday - Thursday from 6 am to 6 pm and on Fridays from 6 am to 5 pm MST.  Please reference internal article number 360002070428 with the support tech.  

    Thank you,

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