When are patient forms sent?


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    Jeff Edde

    Hi! I'm glad to see you are exploring Patient Forms. Thanks for your questions. Let me see if I can answer them:

    When are Patient Forms sent to patients?
    In Settings > Patient Communications you can setup email and SMS appointment reminders. Patient Forms are sent with the reminder type called "Appt Confirmed". "Appt Confirmed" is a message sent shortly after the patient confirms their appointment. It thanks them for confirming and asks them to fill out their forms using a provided link.

    When I activate them, are they sent to every patient at that moment?
    They are sent with appointment reminders based on their next appointment time. The time that appointment reminders are set is customizable in Settings > Patient Communications.

    Can we specify that some forms should not go to long time patients?
    This is not yet a feature, but we have it in on our roadmap! You can set a long expiration period, or choose to "never" expire to prevent patients from filling a form out more then once. But there is not yet a way to mark a patient as having completed a form without them actually completing the form.

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