Is there a way to create a doctor's note to excuse a patient, for example, from school?


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    James Moser

    There is a creative way to do this in Ascend.  Here is how:


    1. Go to letters from the Home tab.  Select appointment reminder and then any one of letters that are part of that category

    2. Click on “Copy template” at the bottom of the screen
    3. Rename the letter to something else, like “Doctor’s note”
    4. Now change the following filters to gather all patients: 
      Patient type; 
      Patient gender;
      Balance aging;
      Appointment providers
    5. For the “appointments from” section, select “specify range” and then click in the field to select today’s dates for the range by clicking on custom range and then clicking on Done.
    6. Now click on the Edit Text tab at the top so you can customize your letter with merge fields
    7. Once you are satisfied with the text, click on “save” then click on “Create Recipient List” to generate a list of patients that have appointments for today.  Put a check mark in each box for a patient that you need a note for then click on print selected.

    OPTIONAL:  Some users might want to select all of the patients and save the PDF to their desktop so they can have all of their patients they are seeing today ready to print.  When they need to print off a note, you can open the PDF and select the print job to only print the page that has that patient’s name on it.  Then at the end of the day, you can delete the PDF instead of creating the recipient list each time you needed a note.  This method might be more complex, but once you get the hang of it, it can also be much faster especially if you have an office with numerous amounts of patients each day.

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