Unable to Save Appointment. Operatory 'xxxxxxx' does not belong to this location.


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    Kenneth Rhodes

    The reason that this error is being presented is because the user has attempted to update an appointment that was not created at the location the user is currently logged into. The user will need to log into the correct location to be able to update the information in the patients appointment.

    To do this,

    • return to the patient's overview page,
    • click on the patient's appointment widget to open the appointment page,
    • click on the second tab - Future Appointments.
    • Look to the far right and place the mouse over the location icon that is grayed out. The pop up window will display the location where the appointment was created.
    • Now, click on the location at the top of the page.
    • In the drop down window that opens, select the location where the appointment was created and wait for the application to reload.
    • Now the user can return to the patient's appointment and update the the information. 

    If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact Support. 

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