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    Kenneth Rhodes

    There are at least three reasons that this message may occur. 

    1. The person entering in the appointment does not have "Rights" in their user account to be able to create the appointment. To verify this, go the user's account, check the rights under "Scheduling" the box for manage appointments needs to be checked

    2. there is some information in the patient's file that is causing the appointment to fail. Verify that all information in patient information is in the correct format, i.e. email address,  and that no special characters or reserved words, such as "True", "False", "Alert" are used in any of the fields. 

    3. the  information in the appointment tile that is being saved has become corrupt in some way. Delete the appointment and recreate the appointment.

    If you are still unable to create an appointment for the patient, please call Dentrix Ascend Support at 855-232-9493



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