Forbidden Message when clicking on related patient name or patient search field


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    Kenneth Rhodes

    The "Forbidden" message will be displayed if the user does not have the proper rights selected in User Accounts. To avoid seeing the "Forbidden" message when clicking on a name from the patient search field or when clicking on a name from the "Related Patients" field, the following minimum rights need to be selected.

    Under the Ledger heading, "Review Ledger" must be selected

    Under the Document Manager heading, "Review documents stored in Document Manager" must be selected

    Under the Patient Information heading, "Review recare procedures" must be selected

     If you see the forbidden message when trying to access the fee schedule, then you need to make sure that the user has rights to create, edit and delete fee schedules (found under the insurance section of rights) and they would also need the "review procedure codes" and "manage procedure codes" options checked (under the settings section of rights).  

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