Can I log into multiple organizations from one computer?



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    James Moser

    PLEASE NOTE: Using multiple browser tabs with Dentrix  Ascend is not recommended nor supported. Using multiple tabs can have a multiplicity of unexpected and undesirable results. 

    Normally logging into multiple accounts will not work because Chrome will hold session information that normally is global.  However, if a practice has multiple organizations and wants to be able to log in to them without logging out of the others then they can do one of two things:

    1. If the practice has 2 organizations they want to be logged into
    In Chrome, go to Settings and New Incognito Window. This will open a new window that does not save cookies and will allow them to have one extra instance of Dentrix Ascend open, thus allowing them to have two concurrent logins active at the same time.

    2. If the practice has more than 2 organizations that they want to be logged into then they need to create separate users in Chrome.

    In Chrome, go to Settings and Add Users. This will allow you to create multiple users that will keep separate cookies. When you create the users there will be an icon on the top left corner of Chrome that you use to open a new window under a specific user. This will allow the office to sign in to more than 2 organization for Dentrix Ascend concurrently.







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    Kenneth Rhodes

    There is a Chrome plug in that will allow an office to log into multiple organizations on the same computer.

    To get the plug in, use the following steps:  

    • In the address bar type “Chrome MultiLogin”
    • On the search results page, click on MultiLogin-Chrome Web Store
    • Click on “Add to Chrome”
    • Click on “Add”
    • You will get a message that the multiLog in plugin has been added to chrome
    • You will notice a new icon at the top of the chrome browser next to the three horizontal lines at the upper right of the browser
    • By clicking on that icon, the user can open up a new session of chrome in a separate tab.
    • The user will need to log into Dentrix Ascend again
    • The tab with the new log in will have a unique number to identify that session and separate the information

    Once the plug in is loaded, you will notice a new icon on the Chrome browser: 



    Use this icon to open new tabs in Chrome. You will then need to log into Dentrix Ascend again. 

    (It is important that when logging into multiple organizations that you only open the new tabs with this new icon. If you open a new tab in the usual way and then log into a different location for Dentrix Ascend you may experience problems. )

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