Why does the operatory/provider column expand



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    Kenneth Rhodes

    The operatory/provider column will double in width even when the scheduled appointments do not have overlapping times if the view settings are set to "Medium" or "Small".

    1. To correct this, click on the view button at the top right of the calendar/schedule
    2. select the radio button next to the "Large (default)" line
    3. click "OK"

    Your appointments should now be in a line and the column width should be normal

    If this does not resolve the problem for you, please contact support at (855)232-9493


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    Silvia Marroquin

    This does not work for appointments that are 15mins.  They always take up 1 1/2 lines on calendar and is quite annoying since we also sidebook patients and the 15 mins appts look like they are sidebooks.  There must be some fix to control size of fonts and what info we want displayed, i do not need to see the time of appt iin the box

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