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    Kenneth Rhodes

    In Dentrix Ascend there is not a button to close a claim. Claims are closed by entering payments for the claim. If there is no payment, or the claim comes back from the insurance company as a Zero Pay, then go to the ledger, click on payments, select insurance payment, select the desired claim, enter zero as the payment, then click save.

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    Michael Walter

    Likewise, if the insurance sends payment to the patient for any reason and you have confirmed this with the insurance you can enter a 0 payment to resolve the claim.

    The patient would then need to pay the office. Also, please confirm that the patient is flagged for assignment of benefits if the payments should go to you. It can help with your office collections and reduce your write-offs. Combined payments from insurances can exceed the insurance fee schedule (just not your office fee).

    Some insurance plans do not participate with assignment of benefits though.

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    I have a claim that is still open with an insurance payment on it.  The insurance paid the claim (logged as insurance payment - electronic) then recouped the payment (logged as a charge adjustment) and eventually repaid the claim (logged as check payment because unable to log a second ins payment).  This claim is still showing up on my Outstanding Claims report.  How do I get this claim to close?

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    Chris Christley
    • Double check the primary insurance payment that the additional payment box is not checked. If you have it checked then Ascend will still show the claim as pending thinking your still waiting for more payment from the insurance.
    • If the patient already had a secondary insurance attached then after the primary claim shows payment received then a secondary claim would be created at that point.
    • If the secondary insurance was added after the primary claim was paid on then click on the link I have provided that will explain how to manually create a secondary claim.


    • Please contact support for additional assistance if this doesn't help you, so we can further assist you.(855)232-9493 Opt. 2 Mon-Fri 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST.

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