How do I attach an item to a claim?


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    Michael Walter

    Currently, to attach any item to a claim you will need to have it saved onto your computer as a JPG file. This may require exporting the x-ray from your imaging program as a JPG file, For narratives or other non-picture items you will also need to convert them to a jpg format before uploading them to the Document Manager.

    After you have the .JPG file, you will be able to open the patient in Ascend and go to their Document Manager. There, you can upload the ready .JPG file. Once you have it in the Document Manager you will be able to open a claim and go to the Attachments tab of the claim information.

    Note: Claims that have been printed or in some other status may not allow attachments to be created.

    Note: Some carriers do not accept electronic attachments. If you have questions on if a carrier participates with attachments you can view this site tool.

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