Why are the insurance estimates showing zero when previewing the treatment planner?


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    James Moser

    There are a few things that could be preventing any insurance estimates from showing on the treatment planner preview, thus showing that the insurance is going to pay zero dollars.


    Most every possibility involves the patients insurance benefits and what has been entered.  Some of the possibilities are as follows.

    1. The benefits are used up.  Plain and simple, the maximum that has been entered for the patient has been met or exceeded by what was entered into the used.
    2. There is a zero where it shouldn't be.  For one office, we found that the maximum had a "0.00" entered instead of leaving it blank.  When the system encountered this, it treated everything for the patient as if the maximum had been met.  Moral of the story, it is ok to leave the maximum field blank until that value is known.
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