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    Johnny Kuttab
    Anyone having trouble accessing and navigating ascend on your iPhone or iPad? Very jittery and glitchy. Anything I'm missing here?
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    Jonathan Alldredge


    The iPhone is not a supported platform. You should be able to use Ascend on an iPad using Safari. If you'd like to give us a call we can see what issues you're experiencing on the iPad.

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    Mark Roisman

    Respectfully, it is the year 2016. Why isn't every smartphone supported- It is very unusual for a new website app not to have a mobile app available or, alternatively, a mobile version of it's website. I'm still having a difficult time understanding how Ascend (a cloud-based program) hasn't prioritized this. Particularly, since you have no option for syncing the calendar with any mobile calendar - including HIPAA compliant ones. To not have access to a calendar in the year 2016, either via sync'ing or a standalone mobile app (stand-alone for the entire ascend or at least the calendar) on a smartphone should relegate a program to "beta" status, i.e. not ready for Prime Time.

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