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    Dr. Jason Fligor

    I can see these numbers for yesterday (Monday), but all future days show '0' for both numbers.  Is there a setting that needs to be turned on?  I cleared the cache, cookies and restarted Chrome.

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    GW - Technical Writer

    There isn't a setting. But the only thing I can think of to try is to verify that the applicable procedures in the provider's fee schedule are not $0; or if the provider doesn't have a fee schedule, verify that the fees for those procedures in the location's fee schedule are not $0; or if the location doesn't have a fee schedule, verify that location's default fees for the procedure codes are not $0.

    If all the fees are setup correctly, and this still doesn't resolve the issue, please contact the Support department.

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    Office Staff

    The scheduled and actual production numbers seem to be buggy.  So far today we have produced zero and actual says $4700!

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    Matthew Deem

    We rolled a fix to our servers for this issue at 10pm on 3/19/2015.  It is reporting the correcting information now.  If the numbers are still off and you verified that there are procedures in the Progress notes or Treatment Planner, then please contact the Support Department.

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    is there a way to view the scheduled amounts by column? it would be easier to see that way to track our hygienist's scheduled production separate from our dentist.

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    GW - Technical Writer

    Sorry, but I think your only option for that would be a custom report. There are a variety of filters and data sets that should give you a report to show scheduled production for hygienists and dentists separately.

    Using the "Analysis - Scheduled Production by Month" report, I was able to whip something up. You could do something similar and save it as a new report template for later use. Hope this helps.


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