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    GW - Technical Writer

    Communications (text and email) use a patient's preferred name if available; otherwise, they use the first name.

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    Clay Griffith

    Hi there!
    When creating a "Custom Message" (for EMAIL &/or TEXT)...

    How can you make it so that the pertinent information (i.e. name, date, & time)
    for the individual patient's ACTUAL APPOINTMENT is inserted into the appropriate places?

    If you simply copy & paste the text provided in the "Automated Message" **see below**
    and use that as the starting point to create a customized communication...

    ALL communications will then be addressing "Steph & Addy." :-/
    Instead of the actual patient(s).

    I want to create a "Custom Message" that automatically inserts all of the appropriate information (i.e. name, date, & time) for each individual patient's ACTUAL APPOINTMENT. Please advise.

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    THANKS for the help:)

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    GW - Technical Writer

    Sorry, there is no way to put  "merge fields" in the Custom Message that would pull in patient and appointment information. You have to use the Automated Message to get that level of patient-specific information, but of course you cannot customize that message (formatting, wording, etc.), which is what it sounds like you are wanting to do.

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    Clay Griffith

    Ah… Yep. That's exactly what I was looking to do. …sigh...  Fingers crossed that tweak will make its way into the platform. (I'll just add it to my Santa list ;)  Thanks for the response! Much appreciated

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    GW - Technical Writer

    Don't be worried about your whole patient list getting a "Welcome" text message as soon as you enable an appointment communication. Patients will only receive the "Welcome" message in two instances:

    • When you add a "mobile" number in a patient's record.
    • When a patient has a scheduled appointment coming up and has never received a reminder from your office previously.

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