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    do we get an email notification when a patient books an appointment online? Also, it looks like the SMS reminder has a txt regarding online booking with a link that doesn't work. 

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    GW - Technical Writer

    No email notification is sent when a patient books online.

    I don't think there should be a link to book online in the SMS reminder. I'm pretty sure this feature is currently only for email reminders. Please contact Support to resolve -- post a comment in the community forum, send an email, or call.

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    so how do we know when a patient has booked an appointment online? we have to be logged on ?  that doesn't seem very practical. we use zocdoc as our current online booking tool, and they send an email to us right away when an appoinment is made so we can confirm it. we try to confirm within the hour no matter what time it is. without any notification when a patient makes an appointment it could be days (worst case) before we see the booking. 

    The sample txt for email reminder/recall says: Book Online:



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