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    GW - Technical Writer
    This question came from a user:
    We have an insurance patient that had some work done that's not covered by his insurance. we've recorded the cash payment and there's a zero balance, but there's still an "unattached procedure" for the procedure that was paid in full. how do we remove this?
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    GW - Technical Writer

    This response came from support:

    Currently there is not a way on Ascend to tell a procedure that it doesn't need to be sent to insurance. This feature has been worked on but it hasn't been finalized. One work around would be to create a claim and enter a 0 insurance payment so it's no longer on that list. Note that you don't need to actually send the claim; just create it and then post a 0 insurance payment in the ledger. Definitely a work around until we get that implemented. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Dr. Jason Fligor

    Any update on this?  Our list of 'unattached procedures' is ever growing and not accurate.  If we sell someone an electric toothbrush or whitening gel the sale shows up in this list.  It makes it very hard to filter through things that actually need attention.

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    Greg Quandt

    Hi Dr. Fligor,

    We are able to create product codes in Ascend at this time. In the procedure code setup, choose Product as the category. Any code that is in the Product category will not bill to insurance. If you have existing codes that are not product codes, you would need to recreate them as we cannot change the Treatment Area for a code once it has been created.

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