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    Michael Walter

    We do plan to have the option to run day for individual providers with our custom reports starting within a few months. I did want to share a workaround for this idea.

    You are able to drag over the procedure/payment/adjustments section of the day sheet to select all of the information. Then you can copy and paste it into Excel where you can sort it by the provider column (note whether you copied the headers).

    This will allow you to see the production for each provider. Unfortunately, it does not show a provider for payments or adjustments.

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    Michael Walter

    Applied payments are payments attached to procedures also within the date range of the day sheet. So if you ran the day sheet from April 1 to April 30, you could have a procedure earlier in the month but the payment was later that same month.

    Unapplied payments are not attached to a procedure in that same date range. This can be that they are not attached to a procedure at all, or the procedure isn't in that range. An example here would be if the procedure was in March, but the payment was in April.

    You add them together to get total payments in that month and can compare the sum to the payment analysis report.

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