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    Joshua C

    Ok I just did a test run with the patient forms... and it did not populate to the ascend database. Instead it left me with documents in the patient's document manager with the information. The medical issue I tagged was not put into medical alerts, the updated address were not transferred. It actually seems like nothing was transferred to the database.


    Not to be offensive - but this is dumb. I understand this took a long time to develop, but I do not see why - its basically a secured google doc. The entire point of webforms is to minimize workload. Now all it has minimized is the 3 seconds my receptionist asks them to fill out the 2 pages of paperwork.  We still have to then go through it all and retype it into dentrix.

    How about you make a option for my front desk to approve the form submission and then it sends that data to the dentrix database? This way my staff can save time instead of trying to figure out how a QR scanner works.

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    I TOTALLY agree with Joshua. This in no way reduces workload or increase productivity. 

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